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Types of Investments

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Overall Introduction

Mitigated Risk/Cash Flow

From a more traditional perspective, you can also help to mitigate cash flow risks by optimizing how money comes into your business. This can include techniques like offering an expanded choice of payment methods, following up quickly on invoices, and working on improving operational margins.

Active Income vs Passive Income

The main difference between active income and passive income is that active income is earned through effort or output. In contrast, passive income requires upfront work. Both types of income require work, it’s just a case of when that work happens.

Real Estate

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Options Trading, Lower risk.

When corporations go public, they issue stock on an exchange. When investors buy this stock, they contribute funds to the company that helps them grow. In return, some of those investors now have the right to vote in shareholder meetings, receive announced dividends, and sell the stock to other investors.


Alternative Investments

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